Writing a Government Request For Proposal

An effective Proposal is created using an outline unique with the contents of the individual contract. The goal of the proposal is to answer the contract questions. Think about how the proposal will be evaluations and fill in the blanks. If you want to know how to write a winning Government contract proposal, the best person to ask is the Government.

How The Government will Evaluates a Contractors  Bid Proposal. 

Most Government proposal evaluators don't want to be there for a long time. A winning proposal will be easy to evaluate. Picture the evaluators with checklist in hand going through your proposal. Write the proposal to reflect the evaluation criteria, and then explain how or why. Give the proposal evaluators what they want and need right up front in firm in direct positive statements.

You will still need to provide explanations and proof of your proposal, but if there is anything special or unique about your proposal that you the want the government evaluators to know write it out first.

Tell them what the approach will do for them, what the benefit of it is, and only then tell them how it will be done.

The goal is to give them what they want, in the order they want it. Think about why they are reading the proposal, they are evaluating what you are proposing in order to do two things:

Fill out the formal evaluation forms and to make a selection. If they find those, then they´┐Żll examine what you are proposing to make sure you can deliver.

A good idea always, in any type of contract proposal is to put yourself in the shoes of the readers of your proposal for a government contract.

Think and Grow Rich in Government Contracting. Good Luck


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