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Wide Area Workflow - now part of iRAPT

Acceptor Uses WAWF to Accept Products or Services as Government Property

  • Digitally signs receiving report
    • ;Accept or reject
  • Inspector and Acceptor are often the same
  • Cost vouchers are accepted by
    • DCAA approver
    • DCAA reviewer

Pay Official Authorizes Payment through Electronic Payment System.

  • Compares Invoice, Receiving Report, and contract
  • Schedules accurate/valid invoices for payment and entitlement
  • Rejects improper invoices back to initiator
  • Recalls Receiving Report back to the Acceptor
    • when correction is needed from the Acceptor
  • Changes status from Processed to Accepted

Documents are Routed Through WAWF According to DoDAAC’s Entered by Vendor

The Invoice 2-in-1 Merges a Commercial Invoice with a Receiving Report.

  • Used for FFP service contracts with no supply deliverables
  • Used when a services contract requires invoice acceptance prior to submission for payment
  • Creates a single document from one data entry session

Invoice 2-in-1 is Routed from Vendor to Acceptor Before it Ends at Payment Office

The Combo - Invoice and Receiving Report from One Data Entry Session.

  • Used for FFP supplies contracts or contracts with services and supplies.
  • Creates two documents – Invoice and Receiving Report from one data entry session
  • Eliminates need to re-key data

Combo Documents are Routed Separately Through WAWF.

Combo Workflow Combo Workflo

Combo Invoice Statuses in WAWF.

Cost Voucher is Used to Invoice for Fees and Costs Incurred During Contract Performance.

Non-Direct Bill is an Interim Voucher Submitted to DCAA Auditor.

Direct-Bill is Routed Directly to Pay Office

Final Cost Voucher Must Be Approved by Service Approver

WAWF Allows Users to Send Multiple Email Notifications

  • Users have ability to send notifications to additional email addresses following an action
  • Email addresses are saved for future use after submitted
  • This function will enable Vendors to notify WAWF Acceptors to take action on documents once they have been submitted.

WAWF System Generated Email

  • Vendor Step 1: Once you submit your documents and receive the following success screen, click on the Send More Email Notifications
    link highlighted below:
  • Vendor Step 2: Enter the email address or click on the Send radio
    button of your PM/COR and click the Submit button.

WAWF System Generated Email

WAWF Provides Three Primary Ways to Navigate the System

  • Always use the toolbar or hyperlinks on the screen form to navigate on WAWF
  • Browser buttons do not work properly in WAWF.

Clicking on a Tab Will Access a Related Form or Page

WAWF’s Security Time-out Function Limits the Session to 30 Minutes of Inactivity

  • 5-minute window to click pop-up window’s OK button
  • Data not submitted will be lost

Required Fields are Mandatory for Execution and are Marked with an Asterisk (*)

  • You must complete required fields, but other fields can be left blank
  • If you try to submit a document but have not completed a required field, WAWF displays an Error Message

You Must Log Out from WAWF for Security Reasons to Prevent Unauthorized Access

  • Click the Home/ Logout link, then close your browser

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