WAWF Process for Payment

Wide Area Workflow - now part of iRAPT

Start by Logging in WAWF and click Accept.

WAWF Version 5.12.2 Information

Government Customer Support WAWF

For questions on how to use the applications in the Wide Area Workflow eBusiness Suite refer to the Web Based Training for the specific application by clicking the Help Training button on the Wide Area Workflow eBusiness Suite Homepage

For questions or concerns with the information on your contract or the current status of an existing payment request, please contact your Contracting Officer.

Wide Area Workflow eBusiness Suite Helpdesk CANNOT take any action on your iRAPT (formerly WAWF) document.

For payment status, please validate the invoice in question is in a processed status in the iRAPT application. If your invoice/receiving report/combo/voucher etc is in a processed status, please contact DFAS for payment information or go the myInvoice application, which is now a part of Wide Area Workflow eBusiness Suite, or contact DFAS for payment information.

 Due to the large number of users that require assistance, we ask that you please bear with us as wait times are upwards of 20 minutes during peak times.

Agency NameSystem Name Agency Primary EmailCommercial Telephone
Electronic Document Access
disa.ogden.esd.mbx.cscassig@mail.mil 866-618-5988
IUID Help IUID Iuid.helpdesk@dla.mil 269-961-4745
myInvoice Help MINV dfas.dscc.jjh.mbx.cco-esolutions-myinvoice@mail.mil
CORT TOOL HELP WAWF disa.ogden.esd.mbx.cscassig@mail.mil  866-618-5988
Marine Corps Help Desk    WAWF usmcwawfhelpdesk@saic.com  800-520-1363 opt 3
Navy Help Desk WAWF dfas.cleveland-oh.ztc.mbx.ccl-ec-navy-wawf-helpdesk@mail.mil     800-756-4571 opt 6
DCMA Help Desk WAWF servicecenter@dcma.mil
DLA Help Desk WAWF wawf@dla.mil
Air Force Help Desk WAWF saf.fmpaffso.wawf@us.af.mil
SWA OCONUS WAWF dfas.dscc.jjh.mbx.cco-wawf-oconus@DFAS.MIL
NASA GAM Help WAWF HQ-WAWF@mail.nasa.gov
Army Help Desk WAWF dfas.dscc.jac.mbx.army-wawf-helpdesk@mail.mil

If you are not using WAWF you will need to register for WAWF in order to gain access to the new myInvoice functionality.

Even invoices not submitted via WAWF will be viewable through this new capability.
Effective with this change, no new accounts will be established under the old myInvoice system.
All new account requests will need to be sent via myInvoice for WAWF.
The current myInvoice system will remain active and run parallel with the new myInvoice for WAWF until the end of February 2015.
If you have registered in  WAWF, Go to https://wawf.eb.mil.

When you the (contractor or supplier) have been visited by DCMA (if Applicialble) and have delivered your product or preformed your service for a government agency according to contract terms.

Now you want to be paid.
You start by submitting your Invoice and Receiving Report by using WAWF in The iRAPT system

Government entity that requested product or services receives, inspect and accepts products and enters information into WAWF.
Once a shipment is marked received it starts the 30 day clock for payment to be in your hands.

  • This could involve more than one person and / or multiple locations.
  • Upon acceptance government personnel generates a signed Receiving Report confirming inspection and acceptance and enters it..

Finally, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) Performs Two Functions in WAWF:

  • Compares invoice, receiving report, and contract.
  • Authorizes payment through electronic payment system.

WAWF Can Be Used to Create and Process a Number of Documents Electronically.

  •  Receiving Report
  •  Invoice (DD250)
  •  Invoice as 2-in-1 (services only)
  •  Invoice and Receiving Report (combo)
  •  Commercial item financing
  •  Performance based payment
  •  Progress payment
  •  Cost voucher
  •  Grant voucher
  •  Miscellaneous payment invoice

Can Also Be Used to Access Contracts and Payment Vouchers via EDA

  •  Electronic Document Access System (EDA) contains contract information:

  •  Contract numbers

  •  Routing codes

  •  CLINS

  •  Information stored in this system can interface with WAWF.

WAWF Has Significant Benefits for Vendors.

  • Cost / time savings
  • On-time payment and faster
  • Processing time
  • View documents and status at any time
  • Correct and resubmit documents online
  • Immediate feedback when Government
  • Rejects a document
  • Audit trail displays comments for every rejection

As well as for the Government.

  • Electronically record inspection and acceptance
  • View documents and status at any time
  • Real-time processing
  • Reduced interest penalties on late payments
  • Fewer lost and misplaced documents
  • Less re-keying and higher data accuracy
  • Maximize vendor-offered discounts
  • Secure transactions with audit trail

Each Party Has One or More User Roles Within WAWF.

  • Vendor
    •  Vendors, suppliers, contractors
  •  Inspector and Acceptor
    •  COR/PM
  •  Cost Voucher Reviewer/Approver
    •  DCAA
  •  Payment Official (Payer)
    •  DFAS
  •  View Only
    •  Supervisors, administrators

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