Questions and Answer on FBO moving to the site

Questions and Answer for the FBO transition to the site .

Why is going away?

What is

 What do I have to do to get ready for decommissioning?

How can I search for contract opportunities?

How can search filters narrow my results?

Can I save my searches?

Can I download my search results?

Can I follow a specific contract opportunity?

How do I sign up for an Interested Vendor List?

How can I search for archived contract opportunities?

How can I determine if a solicitation has been awarded?

Is there an API available for contract opportunities?
What exactly is an API?

How do I find additional information about

Everything You Need to Know Before Goes Away in Fiscal Year 2020, along with all other government wide acquisition systems managed by the Integrated Award Environment (IAE) is being modernized and consolidated.
This will provide not only better security, data quality, and convenience for users, but will also reduce barriers for doing business with the government, reduce reporting burden, and increase transparency into federal spending.

TOP is the name of the new, modernized system.
Even though it says “beta”, it is currently authoritative for Assistance Listings and Wage Determinations.
In November 2019, it will become authoritative for Opportunities as well.
Once the current is migrated, the government will drop the “beta” and just be “”.


Step 1:
Confirm what you have today in

There are several things you want to look at and make a note of in now so that you do not lose any information during the transition.
● What is my role(s)/permissions in
● What is my UserName and Password?
● What Office(s) am I associated with in FBO?
● What notices am I watching?
● What do I have in my Search Agent?
● Finally, be sure to reset (and remember) your password after August 12, 2019, so that you can migrate your role to

 Step 2:
Create your account (using You do not need to wait until the transition in November- you can, and should, do these steps now. 1. Go to
2. Select “Sign In” from the upper right corner, at which point you will be redirected to a prompt
3. Follow the instructions on the screen

Users may choose to use the video walkthrough of sign up/sign in to ensure that each step is done correctly
If you chose to, you can access it here: Additional information

(FAQs, etc) is available in the Learning Center on, and on the login Quick Start Guide.
User Video:

Step 3:
Migrate Your Role, or Request a Role
The third step is to either migrate your role or request one, approximately 4-6 weeks before is decommissioned.

Attempts made to migrate before that time will fail.
Roles can be requested or assigned at any time.
After you have created your user profile, you will be given the ability to request a role.
If you have an active account in and the migration period is open, you may skip this step and choose to migrate instead.

To request a role:
If for any reason you cannot migrate your account, need a different role or don’t have a legacy account, then you will need to request your role to edit or publish Opportunity notices for your Agency.

The Role Request form can be accessed either during the account creation process or by going to your Profile, then selecting My Roles from the left menu. Fill out the form.

The Supervisor field is required for informational purposes only. This enables the Opportunities Administrator, who approves or rejects the role request for your Agency, to have a point of contact within your office if additional information is needed.

Use the Agency picker to select your office, then select your role and domain.

To align the 10 legacy systems into one beta.SAM Role Management, there have been updates to the role names.

The base role functions remain true, so a Contracting officer (was Buyer) can post notices.

Submit the request, and it will be sent to the Agency Administrator for opportunities to be either approved or rejected.

To Migrate a role:
Role Migration can be accessed either during the account creation process, from the “Go to my role” link in your workspace, or by going to your Profile, then selecting Migrate Roles from the left menu.
To migrate a role, select from the dropdown menu, then enter your login and password, then select Migrate.
You should see a notice pop up that the migration was successful, and when you go to My Roles, you should now see your role in the table.
It is also important to note that some roles will have different names in than they did in their legacy system, so users migrating their roles may notice a change in their role name.

For example, users migrating roles will notice that the FBO roles of ‘Buyer’ and ‘Limited Buyer’ have been renamed ‘Contracting Officer’ and ‘Contracting Specialist’, respectively, within

Please refer to the table above to see what FBO roles will be in

Role Migration/Request User Video:

Step 4:
Check out your Workspace Before launch, your workspace will have your profile, view of your Federal Hierarchy, and management of following, and saved searches.

At launch, your workspace will additionally include a widget allowing you to access Contract Opportunities.
You are now prepared to begin working on your notices.


Search Capability Overview
You may search at any time without signing in.
To locate opportunities:
● Click the drop down menu next to the search bar in the middle of the screen that says, ‘All Awards Data’.
● From the list that appears click, ‘Contract Opportunities’.
● You can either enter in specific search terms to refine what results you receive, or you can leave the field blank and will return all Contract Opportunities.
● Once you're ready, click search to see a list of opportunities.
● Once you select a specific opportunity, you will find detailed information including status, response dates, any set asides or other classification details, and all attachments and links.
● From this page, you will be able to download the page, ‘follow’ the opportunity and sign up for an Interested Vendor List.


Commonly used search filters have been created to assist you in refining your search results.
Filters include:
● Status (active, inactive)
● Date or Date Range
● Federal Organization issuing the notice
● Type of notice (e.g. solicitation, award notice, special notice, sources sought, justification, etc.) Note: these categories have been updated.
● Entity name or uniques identifier such as DUNs
● NAICs, PSC and set-asides. You may select multiple in a single search.
●● Place of performance indicated in the opportunity


NOTE: Any ‘search agents’ in will not transfer to
To ensure you can recreate your “saved searches’ in after the transition, please note the filters of your ‘search agents’ in Provided you are signed in, you have the ability to save your searches by locating and clicking ‘Save Search’ on the right side of the screen before you go to the detail page for that opportunity.
Once a search is saved, you can rerun that search at any time.
When you click, ‘save search’, box will appear asking you to name your search.
Once named, you can save your search, and it will be accessible in your workspace.
Additionally, you have the ability to manage your saved searches from your workspace.
You will be able to pull up a saved search, modify a search, or copy a search and save with a new name.


If you are signed in, you can download your search results by clicking the ‘download’ option to the right of ‘save search’.
Users are able to download search results as either CSV or PDF files.


Any ‘watch lists’ from will not transfer to
To ensure you can follow similar opportunities in, please take note of the opportunities in your ‘watch lists’ in
If you’re interested in receiving updates for a notice, sign in and select ’ follow’ on the top of an opportunity page.
Any new updates to the opportunity will trigger a notification for any notice being followed.
You can manage your followed items under workspace in your profile.


At transition, current Interested Vendor Lists (IVL) will transfer to
You do not need to take any action for IVLs in place at the time of transition to
● You will need an account tied to an entity to use the new IVL.
Be sure to select an entity when creating your account.
● If the notice has been set to allow entities to show interest in possible responses, you will then be able to click the 'Interested Vendors List' from the opportunity page.
● You can select to add or remove your entity.
● The contracting officer who manages the notice sets both the IVL use and viewing options.
● If your entity is added, the entity details from your registration will be visible to the Contracting Office.
 If the notice has been set to allow access to the list, everyone on the list will be able to see other entities who have expressed interest.


Search will default to Active opportunities.
You can include Inactive opportunities by unchecking the ‘Active Status’ filter on the left side navigation.


You may filter your search by type of notice.
In this case limit your filter to award notices.
If you know the number of the solicitation, you may also enter that number in the key word box.


A public API is coming after launch, until then there is a feed contained in the ‘Data Services’ area of the site which contains a nightly feed of all the public notice data. This can be downloaded as a CSV file


Visit the Learning Center in for training and FAQs.
Contact us at if you need further assistance.
We are interested in your feedback.
Please look for the on screen ‘provide feedback’ boxes, and let us know what you think.
Additionally, you can keep up to date with news by following our blog on GSA Interact.


An application program interface (API)  is a set of routinesprotocols, and tools for building software applications.
Basically, an API specifies how software components should interact.
Additionally, APIs are used when programming graphical user interface (GUI) components.
A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks.
programmer then puts the blocks together.

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