Getting Paid by the Government

The Prompt Payment Act (PPA) 5 CFR Part 1315 includes features to handle the Fast Pay and Accelerated Pay requirements stipulated by Federal legislation.

A payment is due on whichever of these four conditions applies:
  1. The date specified in the contract
  2. In accordance with discount terms when the vendor has offered a discount and the agency has accepted those terms
  3. On an accelerated schedule when the conditions for accelerated payments apply
  4. 30 days after the agency has received a proper invoice submitted by vendors are paid on time by federal agencies.
    Make sure that a valid, proper  and accurate  invoice has been sumitted. 
When calculating the payment due date, "day" means a calendar day including weekends and federal holidays.

When the payment due date, including a discount due date, falls on a weekend or federal holiday, the payment is due on the following business day.

On-time and Late payments

If a vendor submits a proper and valid invoice, the agency must pay it on time. If not, the payment is late.

In most cases when an agency pays a vendor late, it must pay interest. Prompt Payment determines those interest penalties.

Early (accelerated) payments – no discount

In some cases where it is in the best interest of the government, an agency may pay more quickly than the standard time for payment (without a discount).

More about accelerated payments

Discounts for early payments

In some cases, a vendor may offer the agency discount for early payment.

Quick Links

  • Prompt Payment final rule (5 CFR Part 1315)
    Text version
    PDF version
  • Federal Acquisition Regulation 52.232-25
    (clauses related to prompt payments)
  • FAR EFT Final Rule: (3/4/99); published by DoD, GSA, and NASA
    The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) final rule addresses the use of electronic funds transfer for federal contract payments and provides for the collection of banking information from vendors.
  • Federal Travel Regulation final rule
    This final rule provides for late payment interest penalties for Federal government employee travel reimbursements. See §301–71.210 How do we calculate late payment fees?

Use the links below to access detailed information on these features. The documentation includes scenarios, giving examples of how processing in Fast Pay and Accelerated Pay takes place.

Fast Pay
5 CFR 1315.6 - Payment without evidence that supplies have been received (fast payment).

Direct Deposit

Credit Card

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