National Stock Number (NSN)

The Government uses National Stock Number's (NSN) which contain sub-groups that identify the Federal Supply Groups (FSG) , Federal Supply Classes (FSC), Nato Country Code, National Item Identification Number NIIN) and the serial number of the product.

The National Stock Number is a 13-digit number.

Example: 6240-00-027-2059

Federal Supply Group (FSG): Positions 1-2 (62)
Federal Supply Class (FSC): Positions 1-4  (6240)
Nato Country Code :                Positions 5-6  (00)
National Item Identification Number (NIIN):  Positions 5-13  (000272059)
Serial Number:                                                Positions 7-13  (0272059)

Structure of an Military NSN number

Federal Supply Group (FSG) is identify  by the first two digits. The broad category in which the item belongs.
National Item Identification Number (NIIN) is the last 9 positions and identify the specific item.
The first two positions of the NIIN identify the NATO country code for the country making the number assignment.
The last seven digits of the NIIN are the item serial number.
The serial number does not follow an assignment pattern.  it is merely a number for the item. A National Item Identification Number (NIIN) is a nine-digit code that identifies each item of supply. A National Stock Number (NSN) is a 13-digit number consisting of the four-digit Federal Supply Class (FSC) and the nine-digit NIIN.

Sites to help Find an NSN number Descriptions

  • The Defense logistics Information Services (FLIS) currently contains about 14 million active and inactive U.S. National stock numbers.

  • NSNs Available through WebFLIS:
    WebFLIS Has a Public Query and a Restricted / Sign-on version.
    Display pictures for associated NSNs.
    These are representative pictures only of the item of supply. As they are a generic representation, they may not look exactly like the item of production the user may receive in response to a requisition.
    If an NSN has a picture available, it will be displayed on the WebFLIS NIIN Output Data screen in a "thumbnail" picture.
    The user may click on the picture for an enlarged version of the picture.
    For more detailed information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section on the WebFLIS Home Page.

  • National Stock Number extract includes the current listing of National Stock Numbers (NSNs), NSN item name and descriptions, and current selling price of each product listed in GSA Advantage and managed by GSA for use by the general public.
    This list contains only stocked items in the GSA Supply Chain and does not list nonstocked items.
    Each NSN is listed with the vendors description of the item.
    Some descriptions exceed the standard length and are truncated.

DLA Logistics Information Support NSNs.





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