Marketing To The Defense Logistics Agency

What DLA Buys

Defense Logistics Agency does not buy all items for the Department of Defense; therefore, you first need to identify which DoD organization buys your product or service. 

DLA does not review or evaluate new items for possible use by the Military Services.

The products DLA buys are demand driven and must fit a need as determined by our customers, the military

Products bought by DLA�s Defense Supply Centers can be found on the World Wide Web at  You can search for items by item name or National Stock Number (NSN).  It will identify which Supply Center purchases each item.

01 November 2015, the Army shut down Army Single Face to Industry (ASFI).  Vendors may find opportunities for contracting on the Federal Business Opportunity (FBO

Products and Services bought by the Department of Navy Major Purchasing Offices can be found on the World Wide Web at

Marketing within DoD for smaller dollar value requirements, products that may be used by any command, can be done on a local basis.  Identify your market geographically and then contact each of the small business specialists at the individual DoD activities within your region.

For your assistance, this publication is sorted by state. It lists the small business specialist at each DoD buying activity. You may call these individuals and request information or arrange for an appointment. They can provide helpful information on how to market your product/service within their activity.




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