How to Get Government Automated Best Value System Score

You will not receive mailed notices of your Government Automated Best Value System (ABVS) data.

Check your ABVS data regularly. Click here to access your ABVS data. (Procurement Gateway User ID and Password required.)

DLA is positioning the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS) to transition from the Automated Best Value System (ABVS) as the single authorized system for receipt and for retrieval of contractor past performance data for DoD acquisitions.

Scoring is a continuous process, and while you may not have negative data this month, it could appear next month.

Your negative performance data will be posted before it is reflected in the ABVS score (during a preview period), to give you an opportunity to review and verify data. Negative data must be challenged within the preview period to assure corrections are posted before it is included in the calculation of the score. It is advisable to check your data regularly.

ABVS scoring is a continuous process, and while you may not havenegative data this month, it could appear next month. While you may challenge negative data at any time, it is to your advantage to challenge negative data during the preview period, before it has an opportunity to be reflected in the ABVS score.

Updated ABVS information is available via DIBBS (see the procedure below for accessing your ABVS information).

Getting ABVS Information.

  • In your web browser, navigate to the ABVS home page either through the DIBBS home page or directly to

  • You will first have to set up a user profile in ABVS by clicking on the �ProfileSetup� link.

    • a. Complete the first form which simply requires contact information and your CAGE code.
      b. Submit that and you are taken to a screen where you can optionally choose FSCs to add to your profile.
      c. Then you can optionally add specific NSNs to your profile on the next screen.
      d. The following screen optionally allows you to request and obtain e-mail notifications of all solicitations issued by an individual DLA supply center. It is recommended that you do not request any. Clicking the �Finished� button will submit your profile application so that you can receive an ABVS User ID and Password.
      e. The next screen indicates your successful submission.

  • Once you receive your User ID and Password, you will be able to navigate to the ABVS page and click on the link �here� to review your ABVS data.





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