Government Contract Number Breakdown

The Federal Contract Number is a 13 digit number that identifies a particular solicitation or award.

For purposes of the Procurement Gateway, purchase orders are buys valued at under $100,000.00 (with the exception of commercial items which can go as high as $5 Million) and usually contain an "M" or "W" in the ninth position of the award number.
When entering the contract number in the search criteria you do NOT enter any dashes between numbers/letters.

The contract number is broken down as follows:

Example: SP054000MXXXX
SP05XX (DSCP(G&I) Purchase Orders)
SP04XX (DSCR Purchase Orders)
SP07XX and SP09XX (DSCC Purchase Orders)
First 6 digits identify the Government agency
00 The Fiscal Year
M or W Indicates a Purchase Order. A "W" is a purchase order awarded based on price and delivery
XXXX Last 4 digits are the order in which the Purchase Order is issued. Consists of numerical and/or alpha digits






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