Global Arms Sales.


Global Arms Sales.


The core work of SIPRI military expenditure project is to collect, analyze, process and publish data on military expenditure worldwide, and to monitor and analyze trends in military expenditure over time, looking at their economic, political and security drivers and their implications for global peace, security and development.

The military expenditure project is fundamentally data driven.
At the heart of the project is SIPRI’s unique, freely available, military expenditure database.
The database is updated annually, both with new data for the most recent year and with revisions to past data to take account of new information and ensure consistency over time.

A second key aspect of the work of the military expenditure project is to study issues relating to transparency and accountability in military budgeting, spending and procurement.

Such transparency is often quite weak, which can affect the reliability of data, but which more seriously can lead to wasteful and excessive spending, often unconnected to genuine security needs, and to widespread corruption.
 In FY 2019, total US government spending for defense (including military defense, veterans affairs, and foreign policy) is budgeted to be $951.5 billion. Military spending is budgeted at $688.6 billion, Veterans spending is budgeted at $199.6 billion, and foreign policy and foreign aid spending is budgeted at $63.3 billion.

Trade Registers are written outputs that contain information on deals between specific arms suppliers and recipients over a specific time period that are included in the SIPRI Arms Transfers Database.
A deal is only included in a Trade Register if reliable information has been verified that an order has been placed or deliveries have begun.

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