Getting Started in Government Contracting

Below is a basic outline to help in your decision to become a Government Contractor.

  • Register your Business with the government for contracting purposes.

  • Learn the Language of the Government.

  • When your business delivers products or services under a government contract, you must adhere to a variety of regulations that range from qualifying for the work in the first place, to reporting your activities on a regular basis after a contract is signed. Familiarize yourself with the  FARS

  • Determine your interest, the Niche, what is your market?

  • Find Solicitations / Needs / Buyers

  • Compile all Data relating to Solicitation / technical data, drawings, packing requirements etc.

  • Find Partners / Vendors for the product you are dealing with.

  • Request Quotes from your Sources. There is a technique to this.

  • Send in Bid to Government.

  • Perform Contract.

  • Collect Money

  • Close out Contract

  • File and Keep records.


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