Find Federal Government Contracts has been decommissioned and moved as of November 9, 2019 to and is now known as Contract Opportunities. is now the authoritative location for finding Government contract opportunities.

Federal Business Opportunities (FBO), the government-mandated central repository of federal government procurement information, is one key resource that identifies and publishes federal government contract opportunities and federal contracts. According to its strategic plan, “The FBO supports and helps implement the goals and objectives in the government-wide initiative for expanded electronic government in the President’s Management Agenda for Fiscal-Year 2002.”

Federal Contracts Publishing Criteria
Opportunities for federal contracts above $100,000 should always exist in FBO.

Opportunities for federal contracts above $25,000 but below $100,000 will not necessarily appear in FBO if they have been posted through another method or site (i.e., through electronic data interchange (EDI) or via a government agency website).

Opportunities for federal contracts below $25,000 may be posted on any number of decentralized government agency websites. Searching for these federal contract opportunities has become easier with the increased popularity of the internet, but surfing is a time consuming process. The next section covers how to find these federal contract opportunities.

Additional Resources For Federal Contracts
The opportunities for federal contracts under $25,000 and those between $25,000 and $100,000 not covered by FBO represent a significant source of new business for contractors. Fortunately, the federal contracts data is available, even though it can be hard to find. Here are some resources to help companies become proactive and increase success in the federal contracts marketplace.

Promote yourself through the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) website. This site exists for suppliers and contractors to communicate their wares and services to government agencies for federal contracts. In any event, registration with the CCR is necessary to work on federal contracts and projects. Some state agencies may also ask for CCR registration. Suppliers and contractors can access the CCR by going to

Secure a GSA schedule.
A GSA (General Services Administration) schedule is a best price guarantee for government buyers. Through a GSA schedule, companies offer a “most preferred pricing” structure for services or products to government agencies. There are a number of private consulting companies that will help secure and manage a GSA schedule on your behalf. Currently, there are over 9,000 contractors participating in this program. Visit for more information.

Subscribe to a government business intelligence service that complements FedBizOpps. Use an information service that collects all the federal contracts and federal government opportunities available. Additionally, the service should collect federal contracts awarded and further customize the information on the federal contracts to your products or services.

 Of these three options, this option is the only that offers a proactive means of ensuring that no stone is left unturned in seeking federal contracts and federal procurement opportunities.

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