Governments Online Market Place for Government Vendors that facilitates commodity and simple services. FedBid gives procurement professionals a 'reverse eBay'.

FedBid is an electronic tool which enables government buyers the opportunities to conduct reverse auctions on the web. This allows suppliers to submit multiple bids in which gives government buyers a chance to save money and make their jobs faster, better and easier.

FedBid, Inc. provides FedBid┬« online procurement services, including reverse auction and associated support services, through The Buyer-Driven Online Marketplace┬« at  www.FedBid.com .

Focusing primarily on federal, state and local government agencies and associated prime contractors, FedBid is the leading online marketplace for public sector acquisition of commodities, from computer products, security gear and office supplies to tools, laboratory supplies and equipment.

FedBid allows small businesses to enhance there awareness and accessibility to federal procurement opportunities.
Used by thousands of government procurement officers to competitively purchase $billions worth of commodities and services leveling the competitive playing field.

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FedBid Corporate Office

FedBid, Inc.
8500 Leesburg Pike
Suite 602
Vienna, VA 22182
Telephone: 877-9FEDBID (toll-free) or 703-385-9777
Facsimile: 703-442-7822 Email:




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