FBO.gov is now part of SAM.gov / Contract Opportunities.

Attention: FBO.gov is now known as SAM/Contract Opportunities.
FBO moved to beta.SAM.gov on November 8th, 2019.

GSA promises to figure out why transition from FedBizOpps struggled / November 21st, 2019

beta.SAM.gov is now home to all current contract opportunities formerly posted to FBO.gov.
beta will drop off when transition complete.
Contracting organizations across the federal government will post notices on proposed contract actions (valued at more than $25,000) to SAM.
These notices, or “procurement opportunities,” include solicitations, pre-solicitations, sole source justifications, and other notices.

The intent of the new SAM.beta.gov is for those intending to be federal contractors a way to provide a full range of data-related services to analyze, find, respond to, manage and report on federal contracting opportunities.

Sam.gov/contract Opportunities will include filters to search for opportunities by number, keyword, or location, a design intended to allow users to reference key information quickly with better navigation, access to previous versions of opportunity notices, a notification feature to be pinged when frequently used contract opportunities are updated, and more.

Once the transition is completed, beta.SAM.gov will have the same federal business opportunity capabilities that were found in FBO.gov.
Open solicitations and opportunity are labeled as Active.
● The ability to search for opportunities by number, keyword, or location for more precise results (including easy-to-use search filters)
● Easy to read headers that will allow you to reference key information quickly
● The option to access previous versions of solicitations and opportunity notices with one click
● The ability to set up notices, with a simple click, that will notify you when frequently used contract solicitations and opportunity are updated
● The ability to manage alerts easily through a new user workspace (frequency, turn on/off)
● A user-friendly design with logical navigation and industry best practices embedded
● Shared login, search, workspace, data services, reports, and a design that will allow you to leverage other IAE system data easily
● Watchlist will become Follow in beta.SAM.gov. If you want to follow a contract opportunity, select follow on the display page.
● Search agent will become Saved Search in beta.SAM.gov.
●Saved searches can be created directly from search results and managed from your workspace.
● Archived will become Inactive in beta.SAM.gov.

● Current Interested Vendor lists (IVL) will transfer to beta.SAM.gov
● Non-federal users need an account tied to an entity to use the new IVL
● Each IVL will be tied to a specific notice
● Each IVL will be sortable and searchable

The government is combining multiple legacy hierarchies into a single hierarchy across all of beta.SAM.gov.
Search, reports and government roles will be based on the federal hierarchy.
Federal agencies will centrally manage updates and changes to the hierarchy.
Public facing API of Federal Department/Independent Agencies and Sub-tiers will be available for downloading.

 In order to transition roles from FBO.gov to beta.SAM.gov, you will need to create a new account in beta.SAM.gov.
As part of the Governments ongoing efforts to enhance security and to move to single sign on for all IAE applications, the Government is implementing login.gov in beta.SAM.gov.
You also will be able to use a government issued CAC/PIV card to log in.
Government officials who have roles in FBO.gov will be required to complete a simple process to migrate their roles.
Government personal by providing your username and password from FBO.gov on beta.SAM.gov, you will inherit all the roles you have now.

Legacy users will be able to migrate their roles only if their FBO.gov account is active.
This means their FBO user account password cannot be expired.

The entire process of building beta.SAM.gov has been a collaborative effort between and among Government users and stakeholders.
This remains true with the transition of FBO.gov.
Please participate in the process and, as always, provide the government with your thoughts and feedback.
Be sure to:
● Go to beta.SAM.gov, browse the site, and try out the search capabilities
● Use the help section on beta.SAM.gov (in the Learning Center) and let the government know how it worked and if your question or problem was answered
● Keep up-to-date about the latest news and information regarding the FBO transition (and all of the IAE systems) by subscribing to the governments  IAE Interact Community
● Provide your comments and suggestions using the Feedback button on beta.SAM.gov

Contract Opportunities Search Tips:
 Search by keyword, solicitation ID, or agency name.
Use filters to narrow your results.
Accounts are not required to view contract opportunities.
Create an account to save searches, add your entity to an opportunity's Interested Vendors List, and receive automatic updates when opportunities change.
The portal for contractors to unearth active opportunities to work with the federal government will be shifting to a new website beginning this Friday.

Read GSA’s Contractor Quick Start Guide or the FBO Transition Fact Sheet.

Agencies can access more information at the Federal User Transition Quick Start Guide.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) notified vendors that they should go to https://faaco.faa.gov for FAA procurement related announcements after FBO is gone. 
 The  FAA contract opportunities are not currently planned to transition to beta.SAM.gov.


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FBO.gov is now known as Contract Opportunitie in SAM.gov

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remains the authoritative sources for contract information. To prepare for the future, we encourage you to test the search, user accounts, saved searches, and provide feedback