DLA Support Organizations and Roles

Introduction to the DLA and support Organizations

This page covers the roles for the following activities and support organizations of the DLA

Procurement Technical Assistance Centers  

The PTAC Program helps small businesses, who would probably consider themselves too small, or the red tape too thick, to bid on contracts with the Government.  The Government does a great deal of business with small companies and although the process is not simple, its mysteries can be unraveled by your local PTA center.  www.dla.mil/pta

PTA centers provide day-to-day assistance, along with training, to firms seeking to do business with Federal agencies and State and local governments, in the form of such services as

  • identifying government agencies that purchase a firm's products or services

  • marketing to potential buyers

  • establishing electronic commerce capability

  • using the internet to sell to the government

  • identifying prime & subcontracting opportunities 

  • contracting fundamentals

  • helping to prepare bids/proposals

  • resolving preaward and postaward administration issues

  • locating military and other Government specifications and drawings

  • explaining small business programs and certifications

  • assisting in registration in various programs (e.g., CCR, HUBZone, Pro-Net)

  • setting up or improving quality assurance and accounting systems, and

  • resolving payment problems.

PTACs make a concerted effort to seek out and assist small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses (SDB), women-owned small businesses (WOSB), Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) small business concerns, veteran-owned small businesses (including service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses), and Historically Black Colleges & Universities and Minority Institutions (HBCU/MIs).

What is the difference between the PTACs and the Small Business Administration?  The Small Business Administration helps businesses get started and write business plans that will attract investors.  PTACs help established businesses that wish to market their products or services to the various Government agencies.  Both the SBA and PTACs work together and share resources and knowledge.

DLA Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization  

DLA�s small business office is responsible for ensuring that small businesses have an equitable, fair, and impartial opportunity to participate in the DLA acquisition program.  http://www.dla.mil/db/

DLA�s small business office is not a direct part of the Small Business Administration; however, they act to support the programs of the Small Business Administration.  

Through local Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (SADBU) Offices at each DLA procuring activity, they advise and assist contracting, program manager, and requirements personnel on all matters which affect small businesses.  Local SADBUs serve as an assistant to their commander in developing and implementing strategies that broaden business opportunities for small businesses, small disadvantaged business concerns, small women-owned businesses, Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) small business concerns, veteran-owned small businesses (including service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses), and Historically Black Colleges & Universities and Minority Institutions (HBCU/MIs), workshops for the blind (NIB), and the severely disabled (NISH), and Javits Wagner O�Day (JWOD), and Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR) within the framework of current acquisition programs.  The procuring activity small business specialist is the primary activity focal point for interface with the SBA. 

They also aid, counsel, and assist small businesses by providing advice concerning acquisition procedures, information regarding proposed acquisitions, instruction on preparation of proposals in the interpretation of standard clauses, representations, and certifications; ensuring that financial assistance, available under existing regulations, is offered; and also assisting small business concerns in obtaining payments under their contracts, late payment, interest penalties, or information on contractual payment provisions.  They have outreach programs to locate small business suppliers

What can the SADBU Office do for you?

  •  Explain Government procurement terminology, procedures, and regulations.

  • Identify points of contact.

  • Assist in identifying Federal Stock Classes related to products.

  • Assist in understanding their Web site.

  • Direct you to other useful Web sites.

  • Act as an Ombudsman.

Small Business Administration  

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was created by Congress in 1953 to help America's entrepreneurs form successful small enterprises. Today, SBA's program offices in every state offer financing, training, and advocacy for small firms. These programs are delivered by SBA offices in every state, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. In addition, the SBA works with thousands of lending, educational, and training institutions nationwide.  http://www.sba.gov/

For a list of SBA Offices and services, go to http://www.sba.gov/services/.

Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) 

The SBA administers the Small Business Development Centers Program to provide management assistance to current and prospective small business owners.  SBDCs offer one-stop assistance to small businesses by providing a wide variety of information and guidance in central and easily accessible branch locations. http://www.sba.gov/sbdc/.

In addition to the SBDC Program, the SBA has a variety of other programs and services available. They include training and education, advisory services, publications, financial programs, and contract assistance. The agency also offers specialized programs for women business owners, minorities, veterans, international trade, and rural development.

GSA�s Small Business Utilization Centers 

Business activities are supported by program experts at GSA headquarters, through Small Business Utilization Centers in 11 regional offices, and by the Small Business Technical Advisors in the GSA Federal Supply Service, the GSA Federal Technology Service, and the GSA Public Buildings Service.  Specialists can provide you with information on how to get on the GSA�s bidder�s mailing lists, learn about current bidding opportunities with GSA, and review bid abstracts to learn the bidding history of various contract awards.  They can provide you with counseling and guidance on contracting procedures and procurement opportunities within their service specialties. 

For more information on GSA�s Regional Small Business Centers and Small Business Technical Advisors, visit the GSA Web site. http://www.gsa.gov/Portal/gsa/ep/contentView.do?CONTACT_ID=Small+Business+Support&CONTACT_TYPE=GROUP&contentType=GSA_CONTACTS

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