DIBBS - Defense Internet Bid Board System

The Governments GOAL is to have one supplier site through which all Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) procurements are conducted. This site is called DIBBS.

Automated Procurement Process ChartDibbs Automated Procurement Process Chart
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 dibbs.bsm.dla Which stands for:
Defense Internet Bid Board System  /  Business Systems Modernization / Defense Logistics Agency.

Through DIBBS / BSM / DLA, users can search for and view Requests for Proposal (RFPs), Invitations for Bid (IFB), Awards, and other procurement information related to the Government's Business Systems Modernization plan.

DIBBS uses two (2) passwords, one is for entering, searching and submitting Quotes.
The Other is for C-Folders, which is for Opening Technical data files.

Go here If you are experiencing DIBBS - Password Problems or Certificate problems.

Dibbs uses the Automated Evaluation Program Price Analysis Module System which establishes the terms and conditions applicable to the DIBBS Automated Solicitations with a "T" or "U" in the ninth position of the Solicitation Number.

This Master Solicitation establishes the terms and conditions applicable to Automated Solicitations with a "T" or "U" in the ninth position of the Solicitation Number (i.e., SP0700-03-T-1111, SP0700-03-U-1111) and Purchase Orders / Delivery Orders issued there under which reference this DSCC Master Solicitation in lieu of separately citing individual clauses.

Acquisitions with an estimated dollar value exceeding $2,500 are set-aside for small business when the "T" or "U" solicitation includes the statement "Notice of Total Small Business Set-Aside," FAR Clause 52.219-6.

DIBBS requires a registration to receive a login account and password to conduct transactions over the restricted portions of DIBBS / BSM / DLA (i.e., submitting electronic quotes to RFQs), and to register e-mail addresses for solicitation and award notification on Business Systems Modernization (BSM) plan  items.

DIBBS will pre-fill certain registration information (company name; business address; DUNS number; CCR registration point of contact (POC); contact telephone number and, contact email-fax address) from the CCR the first time a representative for a CAGE starts the DIBBS registration process. This basic CCR information cannot changed within DIBBS, but updates automatically daily from the CCR.

Your representative who starts the DIBBS registration process has the option to accept the CCR registration point of contact (POC) as the DIBBS super user, or you can designate yourself or another person to act as the Super-User for your CAGE.

The Super-User acts as the account administrator for a CAGE. This person can add up to ninety-eight (98) additional users, provide user IDs and passwords, modify existing users, and control the login status of each user for their CAGEs through the My Account (Account Maintenance) Submission of Representations and Certifications,

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