Dibbs c-folder

The First time after you have established your DIBBS account, The c-Folder User ID and password will be the same as your DIBBS. When you log-on to c-Folders for the first time, using your initial DIBBS ID and password, you will receive a Change Password prompt.
Follow the c-folder Pass word format guidelines to get a separate pass word In order to be able to download the data packages from cFolders.

From then on you will need this separate password to log into C-Folders, your DIBBS password and c-Folder password will be different.

There are two ways to access cFolders:
From the solicitation posted on DIBBS
Directly via https://pcf1.bsm.dla.mil/cfolders/default.htm

When you click on the data icon on a DIBBS Solicitation and see the below message:

"Documents which state ADDL ACCESS REQUIRED are restricted and require additional user certification (s) before access is granted.
 Click here for instructions".

 What it means is the solicitation contains Export Controlled Technical Data.

In order to receive access to Export Controlled data, contractors must be certified under the US / Canadian Joint Certification Program.

Click here to learn more about the Joint Certification Program.

Once you have been notified that JCP access has been granted allow 24 hours before trying to access export controlled data in  C-folders of the DIBBS site.

System access requires the user to have an active DIBBS account.

Document Viewers for DIBBS

There are many files in various file formats available for download from this web site that requires the use of separate 'viewer' programs.   Below are links to download several viewer programs or plug-ins.

File Type File Extension Download Web Site
Adobe Acrobat PDF http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html
Microsoft Word DOC http://office.microsoft.com/Assistance/9798/viewerscvt.aspx
Microsoft Excel XLS http://office.microsoft.com/Assistance/9798/viewerscvt.aspx
Compressed/Archive ZIP http://www.pkware.com   or   http://www.winzip.com  
CALS Raster  C4 http://edmstag.redstone.army.mil
AutoCAD Computer Aided Design  DWG, DWF, DXFT http://usa.autodesk.com/



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