Department of Defense Single Stock Point (DODSSP)

The Department of Defense Single Stock Point provides information and access to Military Specifications, Standards, and related documents prepared by or adopted by the Department of Defense.

The duties of the DODSSP include electronic document storage, indexing, cataloging, maintenance, publish-on-demand, distribution, and sale of Military Specifications, Standards, and related standardization documents and publications comprising the DODSSP Collection.

The ability to find and review military standards in a timely manner is essential so you can determine if commercial items can be substituted for Mil Specs.

Although the DODSSP Active Collection contains over 40,000 line items, not all documents specified in Government procurements are included (e.g. engineering drawings, some Departmental documents, and a majority of all Non-Government / Industry Standards).


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Document Categories in the DODSSP collection include:

  • Military / Performance / Detail Specifications

  •  Military Standard

  •  DoD-adopted Non-Government / Industry Specifications and Standards

  •  Federal Specifications and Standards / Commerical Item Descriptions

  •  Data Item Descriptions

  •  Military Handbooks

  •  Qualified Products / Manufacturer's Lists (QPLs/QMLs)

  •  USAF / USN Aeronautical Standards / Design Standards

  •  USAF Specifications Bulletins

The Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards (DODISS) contains the complete list of Standardization documents in the DODSSP Collection. The information contained in this reference publication is available online to all ASSIST subscribers. The DODISS Notice is a biweekly publication that provides up-to-date information on the DODSSP, and on changes to the DODISS.

Online DODISS (Index of Specifications and Standards). "Lists the unclassified Federal and military specifications, standards, and related standardization documents, and those non-governmental documents adopted for DoD use."

ASSIST: (access to over 100,000 digital documents related to Department of Defense standards and specs)

Defense Technical Information Center:

Military Databases:

Department of Defense:

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