Defense Logistics Information System

Defense Logistics Information System provides interoperable, integrated, quality logistics data and solutions for joint war fighters, the Military Services, the Defense Department, other Federal agencies and international partners in order to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of the Department Of Defense supply chain.

DLA Map Catalog - DLA Logistics Information Service produces a series of interactive catalogs for military and government use. These catalogs contain only products stocked by DLA and DLA Aviation. Each catalog contains products divided into four categories: aeronautical, digital, hydrographic, and topographic; all available with National Stock Numbers

Federal Logistics Data (FED LOG) -Available on CD-ROM, DVD, and the Internet as well as Local Area Network/Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN) compatible.
FED LOG includes FLIS data in addition to service peculiar data from all military services. FED LOG is generally used for engineering, technical research, provisioning, procurement, transportation, and disposal.

Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS)

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Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

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