The Defense Logistics Agency—Who they Are and What They Do

The Defense Logistics Agency Enterprise

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has provided the Nation’s Military with logistics support for over 40 years.
The support needed to achieve success in their assigned mission, whether they are engaged in combat, peacekeeping, or humanitarian assistance activities.

Mission—To provide the best value logistics support to the Armed Forces, in peace and war… around the clock, around the world. Vision—Right Item, Right Time, Right Place, Right Price.  Every Time… best value solutions for America’s Military.

DLA has four goals

Consistently provide responsive, best value supplies and services to our customers.

Leverage industry internal processes to deliver customer outcomes effectively and efficiently.

Ensure our workforce is enabled and empowered to deliver and sustain logistics excellence.

Secure and manage DLA resources effectively and efficiently.

Organization (Under USD (AT&L) and Agency structure)

Defense Logistics Agency is the largest U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) defense agency.  The DLA Director reports to the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics.  DLA provides worldwide logistics support for the missions of the Military Departments and the Unified Combatant Commands under conditions of peace and war.  It also provides logistics support to other DoD Components and certain Federal agencies, foreign governments, international organizations, and others as authorized.  DLA's origins date back to World War II when America’s huge military buildup required the rapid procurement of vast amounts of munitions and supplies.

Defense Logistics Agency procures, manages, stores, and distributes almost every consumable item the military needs to operate. Commodities include:

Maritime and land weapons systems support

Aviation support




Medical supplies

General and industrial supplies

Defense Logistics Agency customers determine their requirements for materiel and supplies.
Defense Logistics Agency Supply Centers consolidate requirements and procure the supplies in sufficient quantities to meet customers' projected needs.

 Many of DLA’s procured items are delivered directly from a commercial vendor; the remainder of the items are stored and distributed through a complex of worldwide depots.
Some supply centers also offer specialized services to support customers.

Defense Logistics Agency at a glance:

Manages 5.2 Million Items – Eight Supply Chains.

Managed $31.8 billion in customer sales for Fiscal Year 2005…supporting 1411 weapons systems.

Is responsible for approximately 95% of the Military Services’ repair parts… 100% of Services’ subsistence, fuels, medical, clothing & textile, construction materiel and barrier materiel.

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