Defense Logistics Agency Purchasing Activities

Defense Logistics Agency is comprised of four major Inventory Control Points or Defense Supply Centers that are responsible for purchasing commodities and services which are common to all Military Services and some Federal civilian agencies.

The Four DLA Defense Supply Centers are:

Defense Energy Support Center  (DESC)

DESC manages all petroleum resources used by the Military.  DESC also buys and sells deregulated electricity and natural gas to DoD and other Federal Agency customers. Their Web site is 

  • Bulk FuelsJet fuels, distillate fuels, residual fuels, automotive gasoline's (for overseas locations only), specified bulk lubricating oils, aircraft engine oils, and fuel additives such as fuel system icing inhibitor, and crude oil in support of the Department of Energy Strategic Petroleum Reserve Program.

  • Direct Delivery Fuels—Ground vehicle fuel, ships’ propulsion fuel, commercial airport fuel, installation heating oil.
      Missile FuelsMissile fuels, propellants, and various chemicals and gases largely in support of the United States Air Force and the NASA space launch and satellite program.

  • Alternative Fuels—Utility privatization, natural gas, coal, electricity.

DESC Small Business Office:
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Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC)

DSCC is the lead center for Land, Maritime, & Aerospace systems support. Their Web site is

  • Land—Manages consumable repair parts for over 600 land-based weapon systems maintained by all Military  Services.  Items include diesel engine components, power transmission components, vehicular body, frame and chassis components, canvas products (covers, cushions), hoses and guns (parts only). 

  • Maritime—Provides logistical support for over 360 weapon systems for America's Armed Forces.  Items include valves & pumps, compressors, fittings, steam turbine components, and engine fuel system components.

  • Aerospace—Gyro components, sensors, thermal resistors, level detectors, launcher components.

  • Commodity-Based ElectronicsActive devices such as electron tubes, oscillators and crystals, semiconductores, boards and cards, microcircuits, electronic modules,and optoelectric devices;electrical devices such as switches, connectors, relays and solenoids, and wire and cable products; passive devices such as resistors, capacitors, coils and transformers, and filters and networks; and, electronic and fiber optic items such as communications equipment, fiber optics, fire control equipment, guided missile components and launchers, fuses, synchros and resolvers, amplifiers, circuit breakers, antennas and waveguides, and measuring and testing instruments.

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Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP)

DSCP is the lead Center for Troop & General Support, managing food, clothing, textiles, medicines, medical equipment, general and industrial supplies, and support for U.S. humanitarian and disaster relief efforts.

  • Clothing & Textiles—Uniforms, outerwear, undergarments, tents, cloth hats, hand wear, footwear, individual clothing and equipment, flags, and ecclesiastical items. 

  • Subsistence—Food in support of military dining facilities and ships galleys as well as numerous non-military federal customers.  Items include fresh, chill and freeze, semi-perishable and market-ready items; and operational rations, war readiness, humanitarian and emergency relief items for peacetime and contingency requirements.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are also procured for the Defense Commissary Agency, Military Exchanges, Civilian Agencies as well as the U.S. Department of Agriculture, including states and school districts in the National School Lunch Program.

  • Medical—Pharmaceuticals, biomedical and hospital equipment, and med/surgical supplies.

  • General/Industrial—General Hardware such as nails, keys, pins, rivets, fastening devices, brackets, knobs and pointers, coil, flat and wire springs; safety and rescue equipment such as face respirators, chemical/biological masks, oxygen canisters, harnesses, hoists, face-shields, welding goggles, life vests, and fall protection devices; building materials such as sawmill and planning mill machinery, woodworking machines, measuring tools, inspection gages and precision layout tools, cabinets, lockers, bins and shelving, industrial furnaces, kilns, lehrs and ovens, tile, brick and block, roofing and siding materials, and fencing, fences and gates; heavy equipment such as material handling (e.g. lifts, warehouse trucks), construction (e.g. excavators, loaders, graders), general (e.g. sweepers, cranes, tractors), and fire trucks and rescue vehicles;  material handling such as conveyors, warehouse trucks and tractors, tie downs, pallets, and stacking systems; general and industrial ventilation and air conditioning; wood products; and photographic and imaging equipment and supplies.




Defense Supply Center Richmond (DSCR)

DSCR is the lead center for aviation weapon systems and environmental logistics support.

  • Aviation—Engine components, bearings, air frames, helicopter components, cargo aviation items, cable assemblies, instrumentation and gages, aviation life support items, aircraft landing gear components, aircraft ground servicing equipment, chain and wire rope, guided missile maintenance and repair equipment, lugs, terminals, terminal strips, electrical motors, non-rotating electrical converters, electrical control equipment, and generators.  Chemicals, chemical products, and industrial gases and cylinders, and rings, shims, and spacers, which support most major weapons systems.

  • Maps—Maps, charts and graphs for all DoD Activities.

  • Environmental Products—Re-refined oil, battery consignment program, federal government’s ozone depleting substance reserve.

  • Industrial Plant Equipment—Lathes, milling machines, grinders, vertical turret lathes, horizontal boring mills, presses, machining centers, bending machines and other equipment primarily used in maintenance, production, and research and development facilities within DoD activities worldwide, both afloat and ashore.

Other DLA Purchasing Activities

While the Defense Supply Centers are DLA’s contracting activities, there are other DLA purchasing activities.  These include a distribution center, three service centers, and a support services component.

Defense Distribution Center (DDC)

DDC is the lead center for distribution for DLA. Responsibilities include

  • receipt

  • storage

  • issue

  • packing

  • preservation

  • worldwide transportation

  • In transit visibility and redirecting en-route, when required, of all items placed under its accountability by the DLA and the military services.

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Defense Distribution Center Depots located throughout the United States and Europe store 4.0 million stock numbers in 327 million square feet of storage space and process over 23 million transactions annually. Clothing and textiles, electronics, industrial, general and construction supplies, subsistence, medical material and the military services’ principle end items are among the commodities for which the DDC is responsible. 

Service Centers

The Service Centers are:

  • Document Automation and Production Service (DAPS) is the single manager for all DOD printing and duplicating, providing automated information products and services to DOD and designated Federal activities.  This includes the digital conversion, storage, output and distribution of documents, in any format or medium customers require, whether on-line, compact disk, cassette or printed page.

  • Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS) provides DOD with worldwide reuse, recycling and disposal services.  DRMS disposes of excess property received from the Military Services.  The inventory changes daily and includes thousands of items from air conditioners to vehicles, clothing to  computers, and much more.  Property is first offered for reutilization within the Department of Defense, transferred to other Federal agencies, or donated to State and local governments and other qualified organizations.  Excess property that is not reutilized, transferred or donated may be sold to the public as surplus.   DRMS also manages the disposal of hazardous property for DoD activities.


  • Defense National Stockpile Center (DNSC) is responsible for providing safe, secure and environmentally sound stewardship for strategic and critical materials in the United States National Defense Stockpile (NDS).   An early form of the NDS was created just before World War II with a mission of acquiring and storing metals, minerals and agricultural supplies such as rubber.  The stockpile of materials was intended to decrease dependence upon foreign sources of supply during national emergency.  Commodities range from base metals such as zinc, lead, cobalt, and chromium to the more precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and industrial diamonds.  There is no private sector company in the world that sells this wide range of commodities and materials.


DLA Enterprise Support (DES) is a headquarters component of DLA.  DES Base Contracting (DES-A) is focused on providing Headquarters Complex customers with timely and cost-effective services in facilities support, security, quality of life, and contracting.  The Contracting Office offers an experienced staff with expertise in the acquisition of Information Technology (IT) resources and the full spectrum of base contracting support requirements. 

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