Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)

Two Types of Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA).
Traditional and BPAs established under the GSA Schedules Program in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 8.405-3? GSA.

The objective of both "traditional" BPAs and GSA Schedule BPAs (also known as Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) BPAs) is to fill anticipated repetitive needs for supplies and services, "traditional" BPAs are subject to the requirements of FAR Part 13 whereas, with the exception of FAR 13.303-2(c), which states that "BPAs may be established with GSA Federal Supply Schedule contractors...," FAR Part 13 does not apply to GSA Schedule BPAs.

In accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 8.405-3, ordering activities may establish Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) under any GSA Schedule contract. GSA Schedules simplify the filling of recurring needs for supplies and services, while leveraging ordering activities’ buying power by taking advantage of quantity discounts, saving administrative time, and reducing paperwork.

Contracting Officers for the Government may establish BPA's when there is a wide variety of items in a broad class of supplies or services that are generally purchased, but the exact items, quantities and delivery requirements are not known in advance.

 A BPA must be in place before vendors are permitted to submit quotes electronically.
A BPA is an agreement and not a contract.

The Government is neither financially nor contractually obligated to place calls against an established BPA.
A BPA is designed to reduce administrative costs in accomplishing small purchases by eliminating the need for issuing individual purchase orders.
The BPA is established for a specified period of time, and if performance is satisfactory, it is automatically renewed for the next specified period of time.
The period of time that a BPA is established may vary and is dependent on the contracting office procedures, industry, and commodities.

The agreements are reviewed annually to assure contractor conformance to the terms and conditions of the agreement and satisfactory performance, as well as to update clauses.

This contracting type provides for long-term coverage for small, repetitive buys that can be extended indefinitely.

When the BPA is combined with electronic transmission, greater efficiency is realized.  -  BPA Frequently Asked Questions

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