Basic Government Contracting Requirements


General SBIR Contracting Issues Contract Types Requirements of an �Adequate� Accounting System

SBIR�s � for Small Businesses, but with Big Requirements Regular government contracting rules apply

Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) DCAA audits/reviews TINA � certify negotiated contracts over $550,000 (subject to fines, penalties & jail time)

Flexible funding, but not free spending

Funds for R & D � flexible Must generally follow proposed Statement of Work Can�t do whatever you want once you �get your hands on the money�

Awards are not cost competitive

Know What You�re Getting Into

Phase I�s are generally FFP Once negotiated, contract value doesn�t change Required to provide deliverables Phase II�s are generally CPFF Negotiate contract value Can only invoice for actual, allowable costs incurred Indirect Costs must be tracked and reimbursed only at actual � determined after end of contract

Phase III � Can be anything

Contract vs. Grant

Contract = Commitment to perform Acquisition Instrument, Government is the purchaser. Purpose is to acquire goods
Grant = Best efforts Assistance mechanism, Benefits a public purpose, Purpose is to stimulate research




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Basic Government Contracting Requirements

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