Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions. ( CHESS)


The Army's Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions System . "CHESS"
Army's designated "primary source" for commercial IT

Chess Support the Armys Information Dominance objectives by developing, implementing, and managing Information Technology contracts that provide enterprise-wide net centric hardware, software and support services for the Army.

I'm An Army User Without An AKO Account. How Do I Register?
All Army personnel are eligible for an Army Knowledge Online (AKO) account. Having an AKO account gives you access to multiple Army-wide websites and systems, including the Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions IT e-mart.

It's important that you register with AKO to get an account and then login to IT e-mart with your new login.

Army users have access to more resources.
To register for an AKO account, click here:

I'm an non-Army user. How Do I Register or Login?
If you are a non-Army user and would like to register for our website, then click on the "Register" link at the top right of the page.

Once you have registered, use the "Non-AKO Log In" form on the right side of the login page.

NOTE: Non-Army users should NOT use the CAC login feature, as that is only for Army CAC cards.

 Unexpected results may occur if you do.

I'm an CHESS-Contract-Holding Vendor. How Do I Register or Login?
If you are the vendor POC for a CHESS-contract then a login has been created for you. Contact CHESS to request the login information for your company's account.







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