Frequently Asked Questions - Approved Product List


Do I need an APLITS account to view the APL?
No, the APL is publicly accessible at

How do I acquire additional information about a solution on the APL?
Please contact the UCCO at  with the Tracking Number and description of the product you are requesting information for.

Note that only government civilian and/or uniformed military personnel may receive the Information Assurance Assessment Package (IAAP).

Why can’t I find the type of device I need?
The scope of the UC APL is determined by the Unified Capabilities Requirements (UCR) which can be found at

Network-Services/UCCO/Policies-and-Procedures. Solutions which do not fall into an applicable category are not eligible for listing on the UC APL. Where are software, programs, etc. listed on the UC APL for my military/government laptop? These are not applicable categories for the UC APL. Please follow guidance by your local Certify Authority and / or Designated Accrediting Authority. Where can I find a list of approved KVMs? NIAP has a list of compliant KVM (Peripheral) Switches that are located at the NIAP page below: Select "Peripheral Switch" and a list of compliant products will be displayed. Where can I find a list of approved Red/Black Peripheral products? Equipment not on the list maybe added through one of the following methods: 1) Successful evaluation by an NSA Certified Tempest Lab and providing Certification Letter to DVS 2) Evaluation by the DISA Certified Tempest Technical Authority (CTTA). Send equipment and completed Assessment Request Form to: DISA NS5- For shipping instructions, contact: Commercial (703) 882-0839, DSN (312) 381-0839 What are the steps I need to follow for submitting a product for UC APL testing? Please refer to the UC APL Process Guide at SPONSORSHIP How do I know if a product has been removed from the UC APL? Products approved for use on the DoD networks are available at If a product has expired and is no longer listed on the UC APL, a list of removed products can be viewed on the Approved Products List Removal page at Can I purchase a product that has been removed from APL? No. Only products currently listed on the APL can be purchased in accordance with the DoDI 8100.3. Products that have been removed from the APL are eligible for obtaining an Authority to Connect (ATC). 1

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